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OOC Information:
Name: Lady
AIM: ninatwl, and my plurk is Lady47
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IC Information:
Name: 4
Fandom: 9
Timeline:Post movie
Age: About 4 years.
Appearance: According to the notes found in the Scientist’s lab, Four is about 18.5 cm tall, which is roughly the height of an electric toothbrush. There’s a pretty good chance that he’s about as heavy of one too. He and his twin, Three, are made out of gardening gloves, with Three as the right gardening glove and Four as the left. Four moves in a very odd way that reminds of a rodent or meerkat, very cautious and quick.

Anyway, here's 3 and 4's character poster!

Abilities: One of Four’s abilities that sets him apart from his twin is his ability to project images from his eyes like a home movie. This is a very handy ability to have when communicating to others. Four has an incredible memory that can remember things down to the very last detail. Anything anyone does or says he will record and play it back in his head to examine the footage later. On terms of physical abilities, he happens to be very, very fast and agile, as noted by the Scientist. He has a pretty good sense of what’s going on around him and can avoid being crushed by a falling rock or being stepped on by careless people.

Personality: Four is the slightly more timid and passive than his brother is. He is seen hiding behind Three more often than Three hides behind him, and he doesn’t care to be the first in anything. He and his brother are incredibly curious about everything (to the point of being a little intrusive), and they constantly catalogue whatever they can find from the many books in the library they were hiding out in. They know that it was up to them to discover the past and to never forget it, but it was not in their instinct to do anything with the information they found, all they were able to do was collect it for others.

Four is very childlike, and extremely playful. He likes to compare the world with what he has read in his many books. So many fascinating things to see! So many new things that he has never come across, how is he to process and make sense of it all? He would try though, since his curiosity and passion would drive him to do so.

One of the things that makes him different from his brother is what he enjoys reading about. While his brother likes to devote his attention to human history alone, Four prefers to look at what they did right. Their art and music draws his attention the most, for they are proof that good things had happened at some point in their history, that someone had been inspired and passionate enough to create beautiful things. The only things he has seen of humans with his own eyes were their final days, so the art and music gives him hope.

Four is extremely organized, he prefers to have his books all in alphabetical order and he’d like it if his books were sorted using the dewy decimal system. The two of them sometimes end up arguing about which book goes where, since Three’s organization ideals are slightly different from his. When sorting out items, Four likes to sort them by color and texture, while Three likes to sort them by size and relevance. This also leads to much arguing between them.

Four’s bond with Three is so close that he can not imagine himself being without Three ever. The two of them share a telepathic bond that allows themselves to synchronize effortlessly with each other’s movements and to understand each other perfectly. The idea of being totally alone and having to function by himself is something he had never even considered. Three is his other half, and without him Four wouldn’t know who he is, since Three helps define who Four is.

History: After the great World War (which had lasted ten years) many countries had gone bankrupt and their natural resources were greatly depleted. The Chancellor, the man in charge of the country, decided that Science and Technology were the ways of the future and would hopefully spur the economy. The Government began hiring Scientists and giving them funding for their projects. One of the projects given funding too was for The Scientist (a former toymaker) who created automatons, and believed that the potential for his creations were limitless.

Thrilled with the funding given to him, The Scientist worked day an night to create the B.R.A.I.N (Binary Reactive Artificially Intelligent Neurocircuit), which was a machine whose purpose was to create other machines in its image. The Scientist eventually finished the B.R.A.I.N after several setbacks and delays, and was on the verge of testing the machine when the Chancellor had it forcibly seized from him. The Scientist tried to stop them and warn the Chancellor of the dangers of the machine, since it hadn’t been tested yet, but his dire warnings went ignored.

The Chancellor used the B.R.A.I.N to create the Fabrication Machine. This machine was designed to do exactly what the B.R.A.I.N was originally created to do: Create other machines. However seeing as it was created purely from the Scientist’s intellect, it was horribly flawed and the Scientist knew this full well. Unfortunately, he was powerless to stop it. The nation rejoiced at the Fabrication Machine and rallied behind the Chancellor. To them, the machine was a symbol of hope and peace.

A factory was created to house the Fabrication Machine and the Chancellor had it create an army of lethal war machines in order to “keep the peace”. Before long, the Chancellor took had amassed an army and used his force, completely unprovoked, to attack the other struggling, impoverish nations. The Scientist publicly denounced the Chancellor and warned the entire nation of the dangers that were sure to come. After that, he went into hiding. To his shock and sadness, few people believed him and agreeably went along with the war. The only ones who believed the Scientist were the Rebels, who willingly took him in and hid him.

The war was vicious and bloody. The other nations banded together and fought against the Chancellor and his machines. In his greed and lust for power, the Chancellor demanded an increase in production, ordering the Fabrication Machine to worker harder than ever. The consequences for this would have an even more devastating impact on the world than the initial war itself.

There was only so much the Fabrication Machine was willing to take. After years of being tortured relentlessly to create things, the Machine angrily lashed out. It began creating machines who were all programmed to attack and destroy any living being they encountered. The machines were all equipped with a deadly as that completely destroyed living tissue. Millions were slaughtered and the Chancellor quickly lost power in the face of thousands of machines. He was quick to blame the Scientist and name him the enemy of the world, since it was the Scientist’s creation that caused so much destruction.

The Scientist was remorseful for his part in the war. He decided to start a new experiment, one that would allow humanity to continue even if all life on Earth was wiped out. He did not have much hope for humankind, the gas would destroy everything and all humans would eventually die. His creation was horribly flawed because it was created from nothing other than intelligence, and therefor did not possess the ability to tell right from wrong. He made changes to the talisman he used to create the B.R.A.I.N, and instead used it to transfer his soul to little dolls he lovingly created from some materials he found around his shop.

The process of creating them, One through to Nine, took a little over a week.

Four was created just minutes after his Twin. Both twins were mutes and were created from gardening gloves, with Three as the right gardening glove and Four as the left. The first face Four saw when he awoke was Three’s, and they bonded mentally and emotionally almost instantly. It only took them a few minutes to perfectly sync with each other and know the other’s movements as they were doing it. The Scientist’s shop was a fascinating place for two stitchpunks as curious and as passionate about their curiosity as they were.

They explored and catalogued everything, the Scientist’s shoes, the tools, and all through the cupboards. Their greatest discovery they came across was a book on fairy tales the Scientist had kept open on his bed. The book, to them, was the most incredible thing ever. In it they discovered a world full of imagination and wonder that Four instantly loved. His attention was drawn more to the pictures, admiring them constantly and appreciating the colors and expressions, while his brother was more interested in the words, intrigued by the thoughts and descriptions that were left for them.

Only a day or so later, the Scientist gently took them out into the war-torn world and let them loose. It was their purpose to watch the world and remember it exactly as they saw it. They did not figure this out until much later however. At that moment when they could not follow the Scientist back home, they were stranded on the cold and dark streets, surrounded by the dark mutterings of frightened people and were occasionally chased by a wild dog. The Scientist had warned them to stay away from humans, so they did, preferring to examine them from afar. What they saw were creatures who always looked tired, dirty, and who never seemed to smile. Neither Three no Four understood at first that this was what war looked like, or that these people had once been happy.

After a few days on the streets, they came across another stitchpunk like them. Three and Four were thrilled to meet Five, and he was equally thrilled to meet them. He did his best to take care of them while the two of them showed him their little hideout underneath a house and the people who lived there (from afar of course). All was well.

Until the machines arrived.

Four’s first glimpse of the war machines was from the rooftops, and to him it looked like a massive and frightening moving mountain. Many of them came to the village where they were living, and they brought destruction and death along with them. Suddenly the gloomy, but silent, town was torn apart by loud explosions, gunshots, and the hissing of the gas being let out of their canisters. The house that the three of them were living in was destroyed by one such machine, forcing them to move out and find a safer place to stay.

They were fortunate to come across Seven, who quickly gathered them all up and lead them back to others like them. Three and Four were instantly curious about the others, since they had heard of them, but had not met any (save for Five) yet, but even they knew that it wasn’t the time or place to express their curiosity. They followed One to the Cathedral, but Five lost an eye along the way due to a brief run in with the machines. Had it not been for Two and Seven, he would have been crushed.

One, the first to be created and the bitterest of them all, lead them all to the Cathedral and told them to forget about the outside world. He told them that eventually the humans would kill themselves and that the machines would eventually go away if they all just waited. This did not sit well with Seven at all, she was a warrior at heart, and the idea of just waiting around for their problems to go away... She couldn’t accept it.

After some conflict with One, Seven left, leaving Three and Four both feeling very sad. They were a family, all of them, and they should stick together. Luckily for them, the Cathedral had many books in them, so they were at least able to keep themselves busy while the outside world slowly became quiet. They spent a lot of time in the corner with Six, examining his drawings (something Four liked to do, but his brother did not care as much for), or hiding from Eight, who stomped around so loudly that they were usually able to escape him pretty easily. It was a pretty easy life compared to trying to survive on the streets, their only true fear was the Catbeast. The Catbeast was a creature built from bone and metal, resembling both a one-eyed cat with a monkey-like body. It hunted them constantly and was a big factor in their staying inside all the time.

They stayed with One, Two, Five, Six, and Eight in the Cathedral for almost a year before Three got an idea. What if they left like Seven did? They had finished reading all the books the Cathedral had, and there were no more new things to examine. Four was reluctant at first, after all there was the Catbeast to consider, but eventually he gave in as his brother would not stop bothering him about it. They left in the dead of the night without saying goodbye, since Three had said that they wouldn’t be gone forever.

It didn’t take them long to get lost. The world they had left was completely different than the world they were now venturing into. A heavy smog hung low over the ruined town as they picked their way through rubble and dead humans strewn everywhere. They did stop to examine a couple closely (since they did not have the opportunity to do so beforehand) but did not linger for more than an hour on each body they catalogued. Three was fascinated by the dead, but Four found himself longing to examine a living thing. Not that the dead wasn’t interesting of course, but he would have liked to know what living eyes looked like.

Several days passed and the two of them ran into Seven. Or rather, to be more accurate, she snuck up on them and scared the bajeezes out of them. They explained their situation the best they could, which was pretty well considering that neither of them could speak. Seven told them to follow her, and she lead them to the library. Three and Four were overwhelmed by the sheer number of books that were here. Hundreds of books! Thousands! So many that they would probably still be reading them fifty years from now.

They settled in and little by little, they began making startling discoveries and piecing together what had happened to the world around them. They found a couple blank books and some glue, and started putting newspaper snippets in there. Before long, they devoted their passion and time to discovering and remembering the world and everything in it. Everything they read, everything they saw, they examined and catalogued very, very carefully so that they could never forget it.

For the next three years, they sorted out information and absorbed book after book. There was the occasional danger of the Catbeast, but Seven was usually pretty good about keeping it away.

One day, on a very ordinary day for them, something particular happened: They met someone new. Four was thrilled to meet Nine! It wasn’t everyday that they were able to meet new people, and Nine was certainly very interesting to examine. Not only that, but he did something the others never did: Make use of the information they had gathered. Using Four’s ability to act as a projector, they explained to all of them what had happened to their world, and the events leading up to it. Seven ran off at the suggestion of going back to One, and Five and Nine went back to the Cathedral to further unravel the mystery.

While they were away, the Twins set to work finding out more about the strange device that Nine had described. Four knew that the information was around here somewhere, and that perhaps they should look into Alchemy? By the time the others had returned to the library (the Cathedral was destroyed by fire), they had found what Nine needed and proudly showed it off to him.

After a frightening encounter with the Seamstress (an encounter that neither twins experienced first hand), Nine pushed them all to leave the Library and go rescue Seven and Eight, both whom were captured by the Seamstress and were about to be offered to the Fabrication Machine. Nine left Five in charge while he went inside to rescue both stitchpunks, he told him that he if wasn’t out soon, then Five was to destroy the entire factory (no pressure). Five came up with the idea of setting a barrel full of oil on fire and sending it into the oil pit inside the factory that held the Fabrication Machine.

Nine was unable to rescue Eight, but was able to Rescue Seven, and both of them successfully escaped the factory as the barrel of oil rolled in. The resulting explosion destroyed the factory and all the machines the Fabrication Machine created. For a very brief moment, the remaining stitchpunks were able to enjoy a carefree moment complete with music and laughter. This moment was shattered when the Fabrication Machine dragged itself out of the ruins of the factory and went after them. Five and Six had their souls taken from them, and Nine ran off on his own, leaving One, Three, Four, and Seven to fight the monster themselves.

One found an old cannon and the Twins helped load it while One and Seven fired at it. Before they could do any real damage to the Fabrication Machine, Nine showed up and revealed to them all that they were all pieces of the Scientist’s soul, and that Two, Five, Six, and Eight were all still trapped inside the talisman. If they destroyed the talisman, they would destroy their friends forever. None of them had a chance to absorb this information right away because the massive machine was on them within moments. They fled, and Nine thought up a plan to separate the talisman from the Machine. It involved sacrificing himself.

Just as Nine was about to allow his own soul to be torn out of him, One stepped in and sacrificed his soul instead. Nine was able to tear the talisman out of the Machine and pull his friends out of it. The Machine was destroyed and the souls of their friends were saved. Nine, Seven, Three and Four were all that remained, and they gathered the bodies of their fallen friends to make pyre for them. Nine activated the talisman again and released the souls trapped inside. They said their goodbyes and disappeared into the clouds, which resulted in the first rainfall that any of them have ever seen.

Roleplay Sample - Log:
Four sometimes wondered, what did life look like? Did it really look like the pictures he spent most of his time admiring? Was it better? Was it worse? Four only hoped that it was beautiful and was worth the admiration given to it through music and art. Music brought life to Four through sound, and art brought it to him through images lovingly painted so long ago. Everything was left for him and Three to find, and Four was determined to discover it all.

He sat on a book and examined a particular picture of a woman in some kind of pain. He tilted his head at it and reached out to touch the woman’s face. Art was beautiful, and it held lots of meaning to Four, but sometimes it could be frightening. He didn’t want to see pictures of people in pain, he wanted to see pictures of people being happy and smiling. He forced himself to properly catalogue the page like he was supposed to. That’s what their creator wanted right? To have them never forget anything. Even the bad things. Four didn’t like the bad things.

Four stood up and gently turned the page. He had to be gentle with books because what if they ripped or dissolved completely? It would be devastating for both of them when either happened, to lose information was terrible and heartbreaking. Once that information was lost, was there a chance of them ever getting that information again? Knowledge was something that they could not afford to waste, since it was the only thing they had.

A movement behind him caused him to pause. He grinned and jumped out of the way just in time to avoid a tackle from his twin. He couldn’t allow him to have the upper hand could he? Four immediately pounced on Three and they both rolled off the book and onto the ground, kicking and batting at each other playfully. They tire out after a few minutes or roughhousing and leaned against each other. Four closed his eyes and gave an inaudible sigh. The world wasn’t perfect, but his brother was there, and all would be well.

Roleplay Sample - Journal:


[The feed opens to the face of a very frightened looking ragdoll. He tilts his head several times at the communication device as if trying to figure out what the heck it is. The doll’s eyes suddenly flicker and the communicator is flipped over several times before as he examines it from all angles. Fascinating!

He still wants to know where is is though. Why is here here and not in his library?

Where is Three?

Four drops the communicator and begins inspecting everywhere, Three has to be here!

Is he hiding?

He’d better not be hiding!

The communicator has landed faceup, and the sounds of little feet running across the hard floors can be heard.

This game includes horrible mental and physical torture of your character. After reading the rules/faq for clarification, how do you expect your character to handle this and continue to function? Four will be confused beyond all reason, but more than that he’ll feel lost and lonely since he relies on Three a lot to be there. At first he’ll be mopey and a little antisocial when he realizes that Three is nowhere to be found, but if he gets over that he will be perfectly up to making friends and examining everyone an everything. He’s mute, but once he figures out how to communicate using text, he might not be able to stop asking questions.

Questions? Comments? Crazed and creative statements? Those go here. None
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