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Name: Cupid
From: Fairly Odd Parents
Appearance: title or description
Age: Er... tens of thousands of years old? Perhaps hundreds of thousands?
Gender: Male
Personality: The first impression Cupid gives off is that he is selfsh, shallow, vain, greedy, manipulative, and a fruitcake. This description is true for him, for clothes, hair, and nails do matter a lot to him. He can be bribed with a lot of cash, and if you want something from him you have to do something for him (usually something difficult). He isn’t above tricking people into doing things for him, often letting them do it and never giving them a reward for their efforts. The fruitcake part of his personality becomes apparent on the very first meeting.

Naturally, there is more to a person (Fairy/God) than first meets the eye. Cupid is a huge romantic (of course) and likes to see love (shippings) everywhere. He can be a bit oblivious to things at times, and can be tricked (though not easily). Cupid’s job is to manage love everywhere in the world, and to make sure that there is always the right amount of love in the world. He would love it if love ruled the world totally, but according to the [Headcanon] Fairy Council, there has to be a balance between love and hate in order for the the universe to work. He takes his job very, very seriously, both because he loves Love and hates Hate, and because he is powered entirely by love, and he will die if there is no more (Romantic) love left in the world. He is pretty open minded where love in concerned. It doesn’t matter wherethe love comes from, and who the love is for, just as long as it is romantic love. It powers him not matter what.

Since he is so well known in Fairy World, and as he often mingles with the Fairy high society (The Tooth Fairy, Jorgen etc.) he has a Celebrity sized ego. He does tend to think that he’s better than the ordinary fairies (and he is, power-wise), and will sometimes treat them as such. He is also a Holiday Mascot (Valentines day) and he is not above getting ride of (violently) his competition when it seems as though another Holiday is more popular than his.

Whatever it seems like, Cupid is not a bad God Fairy (or at least, not that bad). He does genuinely care about Earth (even though it’s full of nutcases) and Fairy World (even though it’s full of nutcases), and he likes that his job and powers can bring happiness to people. He hates it when people feign love, when people break hearts for selfish reasons (which he would never do). Often when he discovers this happening, he is quick to punish them.

Backstory: To make a long story short, Cupid was born to two Gods very important and special Fairies. A very long time ago Cupid was told by his mother to make a beautiful Human Princess fall in love with the vilest thing on Earth because people were worshipping her instead of Cupid’s Mother. (Cupid’s mother was rather full of herself). What happened afterwards was a huge amount of family drama, (which could have stopped human and animal reproduction altogether if it had continued) that eventually ended in Cupid getting married.

Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted a thousand years or so before his wife decided that Cupid wasn’t paying enough attention to her, and left him for a lesser known, but more handsome fairy. Such a celebrity break-up became instantly known all throughout Fairy World, and Cupid found himself being hounded by the press for months on end (since his love story became extremely famous. He even published a book on it and that alone would have made him very wealthy).

So, without further ado, he continued working as he had done for the past hundreds of thousands of years: Controlling and maintaining love both on Earth and in Fairy World (though the Earth job happened much later than the Fairy world one.) Why didn’t his mother do it? Well, she wasn’t quite the hard and constant worker that Cupid is, and she doesn’t take the job nearly as seriously, though she does help him from time to time.

Moral Standing: Good, with a side of greedy.
Dreams: For the world to be engulfed completely in love<3 He won’t do that though because that would upset the balance.
Fears: For the world to be engulfed completely in hatred. Both because fighting is terrible, and because he would die if there is no love left in the world.
Extra: Cupid, unlike most fairies, is not bound by the same laws of wish granting that ordinary fairies are regarding love. In fact if a godchild wants to make a love-related wish, they have to go through Cupid first. Usually he rejects them because humans and ordinary fairies should not have the right to meddle with love.

More information on Fairies in general can be found Here.
Samples: This is the best I could find >.>

There’s also this if you want.

Writing Sample: Does Dear_Mun count?

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